Gary Wilson is a neuroscience enthusiast who has taught anatomy and physiology for many years. He is the creator of the website “Your Brain On Porn.” Marnia Robinson, JD (Yale) is the author of Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships, written with Gary’s collaboration. Together they blog on “Psychology Today” and “The Good Men Project.” Their article “The Great Porn Experiment” appeared in a recent issue of The Evolutionary Review.

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  1. marnia – hope you’re well – we’re fellow bloggers on psych today.

    can you tell me where you got the references that:
    1. hypersexuality will be moved to appendix – it says that on the dsm5 page now, but has not said that before, does it say it elsewhere?

    2. who is the person on the task force that you quote as saying it should be banished altogether? do you have a reference for that?

    david ley

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